Howard Iron Works Print Expo & Fair 2019

This September marks the second year for the Howard Iron Works Print Expo & Fair, which will take place at Howard Iron Works, 800 Westgate Road, Oakville Ontario, on Saturday, September 28th 2019, from 10am to 4pm. Admission to the fair and museum is free.

The inaugural fair took place last year around the same date, and between the vendors and displays of restored old printing presses in the museum it was a fabulous event. In addition to all of last year’s attractions, this year they will have several presses set up for you to try printing your own keepsake, and there will be a few 1-hour workshops on various topics for a mere $20 (advance registration is recommended).

We’ll have a table there, selling paper, marbling, and some bookbinding supplies.

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  1. kpmartin says:

    Now that the public announcement is out, I’ve added a header image and a few more links to fair information.

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