Hilarious auto-captioning of one of my YouTube videos

I recently posted a video on YouTube showing the basic operation of the TAPPI hand sheet former we have for sale.

Just this evening I noticed that YouTube tries to do speech recognition to generate closed captioning for the videos. On this particular video, I would estimate it got at best 5% of the words correct. Some of the captioning is just gibberish, some sounds like pithy aphorisms, and one line is NSFW. With the proper selection of lines you could make a very cryptic haiku. I found it hilarious to watch.

To see this captioning, below the video you will see a row containing the Like and Dislike buttons, the selectors for the About, Share, and Add To tabs, and some icons the first of which sort of looks like a menu selector, but actually gives the “Transcript” as YouTube calls it. Click on this then play the video.

If you want a puzzle, here is the (censored) transcript without the video; see if you can guess what I’m really saying! Hint: The boldface words are correct

when I got here ahead she for hurt at
test Thur it’s not hot
climbing her grammar how the f*** her trainer are her fellow
so on a star well
whole or half
first who
happy a
sorrel record here screening out enough grass
break Harper slain or
rushed and watch down here well
rest away for
hotline at Paul
I have here I was watching grams Paul
after all and former No leaders
water which is not recommended for the cat for anything has changed
not hot rest away
so I’m
and use this device to stir
all then
the persuade Hall
things of horror and their pop star
centigrade when you’re you’re tasked you or the sleeper
a the show here
bear sighting in she
years and she or on the screen
and these are standard Larson you’re just peace
copter all I’ll
not shattered roller
the reason why I got his coaches sheesh
come with up there is one here are
Shia I didn’t send pretty well
holders low last boss
stuff in there that’s hard for me

I didn’t think I mumbled that badly!

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