2018 ATF Conference Wrap-up

Sunday August 26th was the wrap-up day for the conference. In the afternoon there was a barbecue and open house hosted by Patrick Reagh Printers in Sebastopol, about an hour’s drive north of San Francisco. Unfortunately my flight home departed early in the afternoon, so I had to pass on this event.

I spent the morning talking with various other attendees who were waiting in the hotel lobby for their respective rides, either a shared car to the barbecue or the hotel’s airport shuttle. There were originally plans for a shuttle van or bus to the BBQ but I think too many people had too many different departure times for this to be practical.

Packing was a bit tricky, since I had a package of type and a Monotype mould in its case, and also a stack of paper keepsakes to put in my suitcase. Fortunately the dirty laundry provided padding to separate these, and the only real casualty was the ATF “constitution” poster, which got a bit crumpled at the edges.

Just to tie everything together, here is a list of my posts about this conference trip:

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