Price Increases on Abaca Pulp, New Kenaf Pulp

We have recently restocked our bleached and unbleached abaca pulp supplies, and unfortunately due to supply cost increases we are forced to raise the price we sell these pulps for.

However, we now also sell kenaf pulp in sheet form. This plant (Hibiscus cannabinus) in the mallow family is grown for its fibrous stems. Note that this plant family also includes okra and tororo aoi. The outer bast fibres are the best for strong paper, but this pulp is produced from the entire plant stem and so includes the shorter fibres from the core of the stem as well. It has a beige colour similar to some darker grades of unbleached abaca.

Here are the updated and new prices:

Unbleached Abaca $27.00/kg
Bleached Abaca $28.50/kg
Kenaf $28.50/kg

The usual quantity discounts continue to apply to these pulps.

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