Hollander Beater and Large Press Available in Toronto

We’re passing this on for someone:

Paper Making Equipment For Sale:

Paper making equipment designed by David Reina.

2lb dry weight pulp (Hollander) beater, stainless steel on stand with castors and technical manual

Couching tray on rollers

40 ton hydraulic press with drainage tray and laminated wood platens, on heavy duty castors with oil tank.

Set price for all 3 items: $5000

Contact Douglas 416-538-9445 or drobinson478@yahoo.ca


I should point out that these items are still available new from Carriage House Paper: The beater costs $9300 (with castors), the couching tray about $2100 (depending on size) and the press (50 ton, rather than 40 ton) about $13000, all in US dollars, not including crating and shipping costs. So if you’re pretty much anywhere in southern Ontario, this is a great price for this equipment!

Update: These items have been sold

Another Update: Apparently I was wrong, they have not sold. As of February 2017, the price for all these items has been reduced to $5000.

Final (I hope!) update: These items have been sold.

2 comments on “Hollander Beater and Large Press Available in Toronto
  1. David voros says:

    Is the Hollander beater still available?
    David Voros

  2. kpmartin says:

    The last information I had, from 2017, was that the equipment had been sold. This is actually noted at the bottom of the post.

    I prefer to leave these up, and just mark them as sold, as such messages act as a record of what equipment has been available, and for what price, in the past.

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