Going to the Gaspereau Wayzgoose

I’ve decided that this year, I’ll finally spend a few days to attend the Wayzgoose at Gaspereau Press in Kentville, Nova Scotia. This year the event takes place October 24th, and I plan to drive there and back, a 2-day trip each way.

If you’re somewhere along the Toronto-Montreal corridor, want to visit this wayzgoose, and want to save a bit on travel costs, I’d be willing to give you a lift. We could share gas and perhaps hotel costs, and we’d both have someone to talk to! I would be leaving New Dundee early Wednesday morning (the 21st) so I can spend Friday hanging out in the Kentville area, and probably returning late Monday night (the 26th), but these times are pretty flexible.

Also, if you know of any letterpress shops worthy of a visit along the route, drop me a note because I could certainly use a little diversion for the long drive!

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