Freeness Testing Demonstration

A while ago we had a spare freeness tester for sale, and for the occasion I had started making a video demonstrating how they work and how they are used.

We have since sold the tester but I never finished the video.

I finally got around to doing the final editing this morning, so here it is:

You can also watch it directly on YouTube.


2 comments on “Freeness Testing Demonstration
  1. Jamie Aydelette says:

    Would you guys be interested in selling your SR freeness?
    Jamie Aydelette
    Associated Agents / Atlanta
    M 404-580-4936 F 336-553-0268
    -for good measure count on us-

    • kpmartin says:

      I’m afraid that we already sold it a while ago, and we want to keep the CSF tester for our own use.

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