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An enjoyable marbling workshop

After seeming like we might have up to six people attending yesterday’s marbling workshop, we actually ended up with only two. However, we all had a good time, even Lily did some marbling. The trays we were using are 9×12

Marbling Workshop, Saturday January 10th 2015

We will be holding an introductory workshop on western marbling using acrylic paints from 9am-4pm on Saturday, January 10th 2015. The fee for this workshop is $65 plus HST. If you would like to attend, please don’t hesitate to contact

Steaming Mulberry Stems

It seems that last year’s intent to steam the bark off our mulberry stems for making paper did not amount to any action. There are some things that just don’t happen if all you plan is to do it when

Western Marbling workshop

We will be holding a workshop in introductory western marbling on Saturday, November 9th, from 9am to 4pm (with a 1-hour lunch break) at our store in New Dundee. This hands-on course provides an overview of the materials and methods

Papermaking for the Dundee Pottery Arts Camp

Tomorrow we will be hosting a two-hour papermaking session for kids in collaboration with the Arts Camp organized by Dundee Pottery. Hiding out of sight is also a supply of glitter and other decorations to add to the paper.

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Finished paper from the Washi Workshop

Here are some photos of paper made at our recent Washi Workshop. My habit is to scoop new pulp on the near side and throw off on the far side, so these two flaws always appear on the same edges

Washi workshop: drying the pressed paper

Because it only lasted one day, the participants in our recent Washi workshop were unable to experience the joys of taking the sheets off the post and apply them to drying boards. Over the next couple of days we pressed

Marbling Workshop

We had a group of five ladies in our shop today for a marbling workshop. It was not our usual marbling course because they were mainly interested in marbling fabric, rather than learning various marbling patterns. We started out on