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Our first papermaking press

This is a press which I made for Audrey even before we bought the Papertrail; we have since stopped using it and sold it. The following details are drawn  from memory so dimensions might not be exact. The cross-beams were

Some remnant Premium Abaca pulp for sale

Years ago we decided to stop carrying Premium Abaca pulp in our catalogue, but we ended up with this small remainder that was never sold. Premium abaca pulp is made from abaca fibres specially selected for their light colour, thus

Handmade book for Rural Routes online auction

Just in time for July, I have completed the handmade book which will be auctioned off to help support our studio tour. It will be up for auction through the month of July at our Tour web site’s Auction page.

Slotwall display unit for sale

We have a column finished with slotwall along with some slotwall accessories for sale. We formerly used this to display books and other literature. It is approximately 48 inches wide, 12 inches deep, and 37 inches tall, and was made

Wool blanket couches for sale

We were doing some cleaning up and ran across a stack of wool blanket couches which we used for papermaking before we were even involved with the Papertrail. We don’t really have a use for them any more so we’re

Challenge 26” power guillotine for sale

[Note: Please read the comments below regarding the struck-out text] We have recently upgraded from our Challenge model 265 26” guillotine to a 32” one of even older vintage. We use it to cut up pulp sheets to make them