But then there’s the sorts matrices…

I have my display font matrices in proper boxes now, but I still have mats for symbols, arrows, braces and brackets, ornaments, borders, etc. to sort out and inventory.

20150623Sorts MatsMost of these were in the loose tray at top left. Several more were acquired at the ATF conference last summer.

The ones in the box at upper left are not Lanston display mats. Some are English display mats and others are odd ones that require something like a Thompson caster to use.

Lower left is arrows of all types, middle and lower right are suspected of belonging as part of regular fonts. The ones across the top are symbols of various sorts, and border corners are near upper right. Not shown are several boxes of fractions, which belong with particular faces.

The numbering on some of these is hard to read, and even when legible Lanston’s numbering system was far from my idea of a systemic numbering system. What I will do with these is consider each mat, find it in the specimen books, and determine from there how I should classify it (ornament, regular font, symbol, etc.) which will (hopefully) in turn allow me to decide how to distribute them in boxes. While I’m at it I’ll make an inventory of them and cull out duplicates. As with the duplicate font mats I’ll hang on to them until I’m sure the one I am keeping casts properly.

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