Endbands (Headbands)

Traditionally, endbands were stitched in place in at the head and tail of the book spine and provided additional strength to the book in addition to providing a handsome finish to the spine ends. The one at the head (top) of the spine was called a headband, but somehow this word took over the meaning of endband, and now typically refers to either top or bottom endband.

For convenience, pre-sewn endbands became available. These are a ribbon of linen or cotton with decorative thread woven into one edge. They are pasted to the spine of the book and thus provide some strength to the binding, but not at much as a sewn endband.

We sell pre-made headbands in 25cm and 1m lengths. The colour thread is acrylic, and the base tape is cotton. We have the following colours available:


Please note that #118 Golden Yellow has been discontinued.

In this sample photo the headbands are mounted on light brown cards, but the colour balance of the photo was preset using a white paper under the same lighting so the colours in the photo should be pretty accurate.

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