Vats for Sheetforming

We carry several sizes of vats for making paper (although some can also be used for storage). Unfortunately they are all bulky and therefore relatively expensive to ship, but if you are ordering other items at the same time we will pack them inside the vat as much as possible to use up the extra space.

Vat with Lid

This product has been discontinued. You can generally find similar vats at hardware, home supply, or similar stores.

Rigid Polyethylene Vats


Small Vat. Inside dimensions are 19½×13¾×7″/49×35×18cm L×W×D. Colour may vary.


Large Vat. Inside dimensions are 24×16×9″/61×41×23cm L×W×D. Colour may vary. This particular vat is one we use in our shop so it is a bit dirty and we have marked the water level in litres.

These are sturdy rigid polyethylene tubs used commercially in places such as restaurants for handling food and dishware. Even when full they can safely be lifted and moved, assuming you can carry the weight and control sloshing.

Laundry Sink

For an even larger vat, you can use a plastic laundry sink, like the ones found in pretty much any modern household laundry room. The inside dimensions are around 20×20×12″/50×50×30cm L×W×D and they come with their own legs and drain. For use as a vat we recommend cutting the spider (grille) out of the drain so pulp can flow out without clogging.

Because of the shipping costs, we recommend you try to obtain one of these from a local plumbing or building-supply store (e.g. Rona, Canadian Tire, Lowe’s, Home Depot, or Home Hardware) before ordering from us.

We also have a few used laundry sinks. They are a bit dirty but they are a good deal if you can pick them up in person to avoid the shipping costs.