Jiffy Mixers

The Jiffy Mixer company produces several sizes of stainless-steel mixers. They are all intended to be attached to something like an electric drill to mix materials in an appropriately-sized bucket.

They work best with shorter-fibred pulps, as longer fibres tend to build up on the blades.

We sell three of their models:

Size Jiffy model # Overall Length Shaft Dia. Mixer Dia.
Small HS-2 14¾″(38cm) ¼″(6mm) 2¾″(7cm)
Medium ES 20½″(52cm) ⅜″(10mm) 4″(10cm)
Large PS-2 40″(102cm) ½″(12.7mm) 5″(13cm)

Our three sizes of Jiffy Mixers. The background is a one-inch grid.

A close-up of the heads of the Jiffy Mixers, again on a 1-inch grid