Courses and Workshops

We currently have two workshops available which can be scheduled to suit your needs:

Although our workshops are normally taught in English, the instructor is also fluent in French, so if there is interest, French names for techniques, materials, and equipment can be included.

Workshops held in our store

The specific page for each workshop lists the mazimum enrolment and the associated fees when the workshop is held in our store in New Dundee Normally a minimum enrolment of 3 students is required, but we can also teach one or two people if they are willing to pay tuition for 3. We do not generally schedule our workshops on spec so it is up to interested participants to organize a large enough group to suit their own schedules, although we can occasionally provide contact information for other potential participants.

Workshops held elsewhere

When our workshops are held outside our premises, the maximum class size may be limited both by the facilities used and by our ability to transport the required equipment and materials. Minimum class size and fees are negotiable. We can also charge a fixed fee for the workshop regardless of enrolment but we would still want to limit the number of students so each gets sufficient attention from the instructors.

Custom Workshops

We can also customize the workshops listed above, by adding or dropping some topics, altering the duration, and changing the balance between teaching time and practical time. As well, we can hold workshops on other subjects related to the book arts, including advanced papermaking techniques, japanese marbling (suminagashi), bookbinding, and letterpress printing. Such custom workshops would generally be less formal since they would not have a preset curriculum.

Please contact us for more information or to schedule a workshop.

Upcoming Dates

Introductory Papermaking: Saturday, July 22nd 2023, from 9am to 4pm at our store in New Dundee